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I’ve got some exciting news for you – Homelea Lass has a new home!


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A Little Blogging Break

A Little Blogging Break | blog post by Homelea Lass


You know how sometimes you just need to focus on one thing to finish it off and get it over the line?


I’ve been quietly working on a new Homelea Lass website and it’s almost finished.


It’s going to be a space where you feel inspired to create a happy life. It has a gentle, vibrant energy that feels peaceful, happy and centred.


I’m going to take a little blogging break for a couple of weeks so I can focus on getting the new website finished off and live.


There will be countless cups of tea and I’ll still be popping in on Instagram and Facebook, as well as in the Scarf It Forward and Mum & Bub Love Project groups.


I’ll be back again soon with a beautiful new online space just for you.


With love,


Crochet Pattern Testers Wanted for the Flourish Blanket

The Flourish Blanket was the very first blanket that I designed and crocheted. I fell in the love with the simplicity of the repeating pattern and I felt it was the perfect way to symbolise my husband and I moving to Homelea.

I’ve now got the draft crochet pattern finished and I’d love you to test the pattern for me.

The Flourish Blanket - crochet pattern testers wanted | blog post by Homelea Lass

Making the Flourish Blanket is not hard – once you get the hang of the two different groups of stitches it’s perfect for crocheting while chatting with a friend or watching tv.

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Celebrate With Me

I was wondering – would you like to celebrate with me?

I had a birthday recently and I love the happy feelings that come around with celebrating birthdays. I love being spoilt too.


To continue the happy celebrations I’m going to spoil you with a 50% discount off my Ravelry pdf crochet patterns.

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My Favourite Things

I recently had a photo shoot done by the incredibly talented Macarla Shepherd and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the images because:

  1. they’re beautiful, and
  2. they’re full of my favourite things that make me feel so very, very happy. There are lots of natural materials in there and everything is from great Aussie businesses.


So here are the gorgeous, gorgeous images and down below is the list of my favourite things. (I’ve even included links for you – you can thank me later.)

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Quick and Easy Baking – Papaw and Coconut Muffins

Quick and easy baking - Papaw and Coconut Muffins | blog post by Homelea Lass


Don’t you love it when you get given fresh produce from your friend’s gardens?

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Scarf It Forward 2015

Scarf It Forward 2015 | blog post by Homelea Lass


Now that the temperatures are dropping here in Australia it means one thing – it’s time for making and wearing scarfs. It’s time to pick up your crochet hook or knitting needles to make the winter warmer and brighter for people who are genuinely struggling.


Last year the collaboration with Helping Hands Outreach Project for Dalby Inc spread some warmth and love to people in need. Thank you to everyone that generously used their skills, time and materials to make scarfs.

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How to Wash your Woollen Treasures

 How to wash wool | blog post by Homelea Lass


Do you have something that has been lovingly hand-crafted from wool that you just treasure but you’re not sure how to wash and care for it? Maybe a blanket, a scarf or a jumper?

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Finding My Rhythm

Finding my Rhythm | blog post by Homelea Lass

I feel like I’ve lost my rhythm. Life has gone from feeling flowing and peaceful to feeling disjointed and hard. It’s like I’m pushing through thick, dark jelly instead of floating through a peaceful glow. So I’ve been searching for my rhythm. I want to feel the peaceful glow again.

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Being Happy, Staying Positive Part 1: Do You Want To Be Happy and Positive?

Do You Want To Be Happy and Positive? | blog post be Homelea Lass


Did you know that I’ve started something new? I’ve started writing a monthly column called “Being Happy, Staying Positive” for an online subscription newspaper, Downs Champion.

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